New SFS intec catalogue

Innovative fastening systems and application expertise

SFS intec products have been designed with ease of installation in mind for flat roof, pitched roof and façade applications. See below for some of our product solutions, or view our online catalogue for further detailed technical information.

Below are some of the key products, with technical data and available sizes.

  • section Flat roof solutions image Flat roof solutions

    SFS provides Innovative mechanical fastener solutions for all flat roofing substrates significantly reducing installation costs compared to traditional adhered products. Thermally broken the ISO TAK and TIA adjustable fastener systems can be installed easily and simply. Our team of "Warrior" equipped Application Technicians support you with wind load and site testing expertise." WATCH OUT FOR OUR new ISO WELD heat induction system...launching soon!

  • section Pitched roof solutions image Pitched roof solutions

    SFS are the only EU manufacturer of 316/304 grade stainless steel construction fasteners. The new generation SX provides the ultimate in corrosion resistance and structural performance, that is why we can offer warranties of over 40 years particularly for residential applications . Working with all lead OEMs and rollformers we are constantly innovating. Find out more...

  • section Off-site and facade solutions image Off-Site and Façade solutions

    Recent growth in the wider use of decorative Facades has resulted in huge innovation growth adding a new range of specialist fasteners for Rainscreen and Facade build ups. Offsite manufacture continues to drive out cost using the latest in labour saving high performance fastener solutions. Ask to see our growing bespoke EWI product range.