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Securing Great Aesthetics

Posted on:  29 April
By: Colin Yeates

The UK landscape was once a predictable vision of buildings constructed from traditional, local materials but as the different styles of each era came and went, some good and some bad, building designs have become much more sophisticated due to a combination of technological developments, advancement of design and lessons learnt from previous mistakes of the past, so much so that we now find ourselves with a legacy of more complex and stylish buildings incorporating a huge variety of façade materials and colours.

I'm sure you'll agree that although this produces beautiful buildings, it leads to technical challenges both onsite and at design stage. The need for durability is as important as ever to incorporate both the increasing variety of applications and extensive range colours yet maintaining longevity and consistent high quality aesthetics that will stand the test of time.

Fastener technology has undergone drastic evolution over the years and SFS intec has continually been at the forefront. Using state of the art powder coating, we resolve the issues presented by dated plastic moulded heads or push on caps.

Powder coating is a modern, more environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional wet painting. Minute powder particles are applied to a metal object or component using an electrostatic spray process, which causes the powder to adhere to the metal surface. After spraying, the component is cured in an oven at up to 200°C. This process then melts the powder onto the metal creating a highly finished and durable coating and is less prone to chipping, marking and scratching or fading.

The finish  can be applied to a wide range of metals and components and is suitable for both internal and external applications, it is this diversity that is seeing a rapid growth in the demand for powder coatings, combined with the development of new materials, formulations, equipment, and applications advancements. The advantages include:

  • Prevents galvanic corrosion between dissimilar metals
  • Rust prevention
  • Extensive range of coverages available
  • Environmentally friendly/non-toxic
  • Applicable to varied metals
  • Resistant to lubricants, fuels, hydraulic fluids and most commercial solvents
  • Durable
  • Complies with major OEM specifications

As a component that forms a highly visible part of the building envelope, as well as playing a structural role, fasteners are crucial in ensuring the desired aesthetic finish, whether being used to accent design with coloured heads or to create a subtle look. The powder specification has been selected for its excellent weathering and colour stability in exposed external applications.

Here at SFS, we have developed and manufactured a wide range of low profile design, high performance, warranted fasteners in 304 0r 316 grade stainless steel, engineered to completely blend in with any colour or material. High performance grade 316 stainless steel is essential with todays requirements for longer warranties up to 40 years, especially as more robust cladding and facade systems move into the residential and commercial sectors. Carbon steel fasteners can be warranted for up to 12 years, with 304 stainless steel warranties offering 25 years.  So making the right choice when it comes to product selection can make the difference between a compliant or failed design.

Working alongside Lester Fabrications and Cladding Ltd on a recent project, we supplied 60,000 of  our high performance range of 316 grade stainless steel fasteners to provide a reliable and secure fix to the new Airbus 166 building in Broughton Chester.

Suitable for even the most stringent environments, our fasteners were able to guarantee superior airtightness and water tightness for the sensitive surroundings in building 166, which is used to assemble airbus aircraft wings, ensuring resistance to wind load and providing optimum security as per the specification.

The powder coating, 316 grade austenitic stainless steel fasteners, not only guarantee a long-lasting fix but reflect the same quality and performance to meet that of the Airbus plane wings, that are being manufactured within the building. and as we are able to supply meaningful 40 year warranties for our 316 grade stainless steel fasteners combined with a 12 year colour stability warranty on the powder coating, providing added reassurance that the building will remain fit for purpose in performance and design as well as structurally for their lifetime.

seven insulation facade 1

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