25 year warranty

SFS intec - the only 25 year warranty that's part of the Security⊕ package

By choosing SFS intec austenitic stainless steel fasteners and butyl A+ pink strip sealant you automatically get a comprehensive warranty. Unlike other 10 year conditional guarantees that cost extra, the SFS intec warranty is absolutely free and comes as part of the package on every project.

Maximum protection as standard

Architects, main contractors and roofing contractors don't want to be left with expensive rectification costs. In a recent independent survey 96% of architects and main contractors recognised the importance of warranties. And 25 years was seen as being the most acceptable length of time.

If your roof isn't installed using SFS intec Stainless Steel Fasteners and Pink Strip Butyl then it won't be covered by:

  • 25 year, no quibble warranty for lifetime performance
  • 25 year design life warranty with public product liability insurance
  • Excel policy cover for £15m on fasteners and £200k on butyl sealant - free on every project
  • Total roof repairs for failures
  • Tested, approved and thermally modelled by leading System suppliers
  • Manufacturer bar coding and full batch traceability. E.g. ISO14001 and 9001
  • Dedicated site technicians to ensure correct installation and compliance with specification

With SFS intec you also get the reassurance of thorough testing, thermally modelled and approval by leading OEMs. With our on-site policing you can be absolutely sure that your installation meets the specification. And there's no small print, no heavy excess payments and no nasty surprises. Don't settle for anything less.

Austenitic Stainless Steel - top performance every time

Austenitic stainless steel is the only grade that conforms to BS5427:1996 and the only type suitable for selfdrilling/threadforming fasteners. It's the best way to avoid thermal bridging, air leakage and corrosion.

Imaginative colours for eye-catching cladding

SFS intec irius colour-headed fasteners can be co-ordinated precisely with roofing and cladding panels. The proven, high-quality SFS intec powder coating provides the ultimate long-lasting colour match.

Rapid installation without overdrive

SFS intec's SDK halter fastener has a unique, square peg drive mechanism. It breaks off when the screw reaches the correct torque giving you safe, secure fastening every time.

Top-hat to deck with no pre-drilling or rivets

Now you can fix a thick top-hat to a thin metal deck in one simple operation. On metal steel deck from 0.7mm to 1.0mm you can install three SFS intec fasteners in the time it normally takes for one conventional rivet.