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Meeting building airtightness is serious business whether you're an architect, roofing contractor or main contractor. Not reaching the required levels set by building regulations can mean costly rectifications at every stage and level of the project. Airtight-Security gives you the most up-to-date information. So you get it right first time. Making sure you get the most out of using the right product for the right job and helping you to meet the building regulations.

For architects

Specify the right product for the right job and avoid costly rectifications.

Find out about the implications of the air test and understand the real differences between carbon and stainless steel fasteners.

For roofing contractors

Secure your profits and maximise labour costs.

Find out the real cost of using cheaper fasteners and sealants, and reduce time on site with right first time installations.

For main contractors

Don't be left responsible for fastener choices made on site.

Find out the cost of not keeping track of which fasteners are used, and discover why you can't rely on some product warranties.